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Residential Treatment - Addictions

Program Description

At Serenity House, we provide long-term treatment for addiction to drugs, alcohol and tobacco while working with each client on other determinants of health specific to each individual. Since addiction affects the whole person, we have found that a holistic approach to treatment benefits the client most. All aspects of the person's needs are considered as a whole, including psychological, physical, and social. This holds true, no matter what the complex needs of those who come to Serenity House: psychiatric disorders, homelessness, cultural- specific issues, educational restrictions, financial and health challenges, pharmacological complications and trauma. We firmly believe that positive and lasting life changes are possible for all; we have witnessed transformation in the lives of so many men who have come through our doors since 1969. Our programs are constantly evolving, hand in hand with the research that shows that people with severe addictions can have long-term recovery for a balanced, happier life. Our comprehensive program includes intake/screening and referral, residential treatment and case management. Clients are often tested for psychiatric disorders, and while we do not make a formal diagnosis, we do forward the results to our consulting physician. Phase One: The first five weeks include: health in early recovery, effective communication, assertiveness, attitudes and communication styles, bio-psycho-social model of addiction, working with faulty belief systems, process addictions and compulsions, emotion regulation, anger management, mindfulness, balanced living, and relationships. Phase Two: The focus of Phase Two (five weeks) of our program is centered on relapse prevention: trauma, stages of change, family of origin, assertive refusal skills, men in recovery, coping with cravings and triggers, managing persistent psychological problems, identifying relapse warning signs, changing self-defeating thoughts/behaviors, "ABC" problem solving, cognitive distortions, self-sabotaging, recovery goals, other addictions (gambling, eating disorder, co-dependency, etc.).
Program length may be extended based on client need.

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Access Information

Assessments are required to be completed by the referring organization. Individuals who need an assessment will be directed to Service Access to Recovery (SAR), formerly the Ottawa Addictions Access and Referral Services (OAARS). There are other forms of assessment, beyond the MOH-approved standardized assessment tools, required to access this program. Please do not send assessment packages prior to the client contacting the organization. Urinalysis is mandatory. Abstinence is required from alcohol, drugs, and tobacco during treatment. Zero tolerance for violence towards, self, others or property. Clients cannot work for the duration of program, due to intensity of program.

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Program Cost No
Additional Cost No

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Phone 613-733-3663
Fax 613-733-1639

Clients Served

Gender Male
Age 18 and up
Catchment Ontario
Wheelchair Access No


Policy Abstinence required




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Monday 0000-2400
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